New Benton County Facility

About the Project

Construction is well underway for the Simmons Prepared Foods’ new Benton County chicken operation. The facility will produce high-quality fresh and frozen prepared chicken products in response to steady and growing customer demand. The design will feature modern production facilities and contemporary office space supported with best-in-class environmental technologies. The operation will employ approximately 2,300 people (at full capacity) and contract with local farmers.

Simmons’ existing operations in the Decatur, Arkansas area include a feed mill, hatchery, propane business, business offices and a chicken processing facility, along with a dry pet food production facility operated by Simmons Pet Food.

  • Scheduled to open in 2019

  • 1,500+ New Jobs by 2022

  • $300+ Million Simmons Investment

  • 870+ Acre Parcel (5% land use)

  • 315,000+ Estimated Square Feet

Simmons Foods is a homegrown company that continues to invest heavily in Northwest Arkansas...which goes to show the faith they have in the area’s workforce and their commitment to the state.
— Governor Asa Hutchinson

Featured News

Entrepreneurial families built the backbone of our community,” said Judge Moehring. “We are fortunate to have great, role model businesses in Northwest Arkansas. Simmons is one of those.
— Judge Barry Moehring

Project Development & Planning

  • Simmons is committed to designing, constructing and operating this new facility to ensure we add value to the community.

  • We are following all local, state and federal requirements in the development of this project.

  • This project will relocate operations from Simmons’ existing facility 2.2 miles away in Decatur to the new site between Gentry and Decatur, Arkansas along Highway 59.

  • We are excited about the modern, aesthetic exterior of this new facility. This facility will not look anything like the production facilities of its kind in Northwest Arkansas.

  • Simmons is working with experts on issues and solutions on items such as land use, water, air quality, noise and traffic.

  • Significant time and effort was spent working with engineers and land-use experts to locate the facility on the site to minimize the impact to the landscape and natural the beauty of the area.

  • 95% of the 870+ acre parcel will return to its prior use or remain “as-is”.

  • Every feasible effort was made to strategically locate this facility near the center of the 870+ acre parcel to provide a natural landscape buffer. Additional natural screening is also included in the site plans.

  • The proposed site was carefully selected based on criteria including the needs of our local communities, proximity to municipalities able to provide services, proximity to a major transportation route and a parcel size that would allow for sufficient natural buffer.

Project Planning
Site Plan


Economic Benefits

  • Payroll projections for the new facility in Benton County, based on current hourly wages and operating at full capacity in 2022, will generate more than $86.0 million annually to be infused into Benton County and surrounding area economies.

  • The average hourly wage at Simmons’ existing Decatur facility is approximately $16.00.

  • The potential demand for new and expanded service-oriented businesses, such as retail stores, grocery stores, and desirable commercial and residential development will help boost the local economy.

  • Simmons will pay an estimated $2.0 Million per year in water rates to the City of Gentry.

  • Simmons will pay an estimated $2.6 Million per year in sewer rates to the City of Decatur.

  • Simmons is proud to use local businesses and suppliers at every opportunity.

About Simmons Prepared Foods

Simmons Prepared Foods is a farm-to-fork poultry producer primarily supplying customer brands with premium chicken products for the foodservice industry. Simmons is a respected supplier and is known for meeting demanding specifications. As a vertically-integrated producer, Simmons Prepared Foods can supply custom products to some of the world’s largest retailers and food chains. The company operates 3 hatcheries and 2 feed mills supplying nearly 300 independent poultry growers. Simmons Prepared Foods’ six processing plants produce 750 million pounds of finished product/year.